Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The New Sprummer Scripted TV Season

It has become apparent that the broadcast networks have designed a two part season that begins in earnest September/October and ends April/May with a mid-year mini-shift that occurs January/February. This is the Fall/Winter Season and appears to be about 9 months long and which I now name Fallter, pun intended.

The cable networks appear to have designed a season that begins April/May and ends September/October with a mid-season mini-shift that occurs somewhere in the middle. This is the Spring/Summer Season and appears to be about 6 months long and is what I now name Sprummer.

Obviously the two seasons overlap as we don't have a 15 month year. And the cable networks tend to show half of the seasons episodes of a show beginning in the Sprummer airing the second half beginning around the first of the calendar year during Fallter, when the broadcast networks are fumbling to get replacements for their faltering shows.

So we have a new Sprummer Season already under way. Based on available information the cable channels, with little help from the broadcast networks, will give us a solid scripted show lineup. While the following list is not complete, and certainly many shows are far from potential Emmy winners, it is pretty impressive given what Summer TV offerings used to be like:

Day Series Title Premier


AMC Breaking Bad Currently Airing
AMC Mad Men Not Scheduled
HBO No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Currently Airing
HBO In Treatment Currently Airing
HBO True Blood June 14
Lifetime Army Wives June 07
Lifetime Drop Dead Diva July 12
NBC Merlin June 21
USA Law & Order: Criminal Intent Currently Airing
USA In Plain Sight Currently Airing


ABC Family Secret Life American Teenager June 22
ABC Family Make It or Break It June 22
Showtime Weeds June 08
Showtime Nurse Jackie June 08
TNT The Closer June 08
TNT Raising the Bar June 08


ABC Family 10 Things I Hate July 07
ABC Family Ruby & the Rockets July 21
ABC Family Lincoln Heights August 04
FX Rescue Me Currently Airing
Syfy Warehouse 13 July 07
TBS My Boys Currently Airing
TNT Saving Grace June 16
TNT HawthoRNe June 16


ABC The Goode Family May 27
ABC Surviving Suburbia (from hiatus) May 27
ABC The Unusuals (from hiatus) May 27
NBC The Philanthropist June 24
TNT Leverage July 15
TNT Dark Blue July 15


NBC The Listener June 04
USA Burn Notice June 04
USA Royal Pains June 04


BBCA Hotel Babylon Not Scheduled
Fox Mental May 22
Syfy Eureka July 10
USA Monk Not Scheduled
USA Psych Not Scheduled


BBCA Primeval May 16
BBCA Robin Hood Not Scheduled
BBCA Torchwood Not Scheduled

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